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0.7mm fully pigmented homogeneous PVC wear layer of pure colour

Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas such as retail interiors and commercial environments

100% recyclable and contains 10% recycled material

Polyflor Bloc - Marine Blue

Bloc PUR enables you to create a tonal, complementary or harmonious interior design scheme through the availability of 16 enticing colours. Featuring a single solid colour with a textured emboss, Bloc PUR has a 0.7mm fully pigmented homogenous PVC wear layer of pure colour and a polyurethane reinforcement.

As with any plain material, a higher frequency of maintenance may be required to ensure optimum appearance. Careful consideration should be given when choosing very light colours in highly trafficked areas.

Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas such as retail interiors, leisure and commercial environments.

Bloc PUR can be installed over underfloor heating up to a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that underfloor heating systems are commissioned prior to the flooring being installed to ensure the heating system is operating correctly.

The use of a robust and effective dirt barrier system should be considered early in the specification stage

Code: Polyflor Bloc - Marine Blue

Roll Size: 20m x 2m = 40sqm

£25.98 per Sq M.

(£21.65 Ex VAT)

Price from:

40.00 sqm and above @ £25.98 inc vat / £21.65 per sqm ex vat
39 sqm and below @ £35.99 inc vat / £29.99 per sqm ex vat

PRICE Per Roll: 20m x 2m = 40sqm £866.00
Number of Rolls:
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(Cut Length):

2 meters width
Select Lengths:
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Data used:
product_size:20m x 2m = 40sqm

Part roll: 2 meters width

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£15.00 Surcharge for cutting when ordering less than 1 full roll

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