Stopgap Green Bag Powder needs to be Mixed with Stopgap 128 Latex Liquid which is included

Absorbent sand/cement screed and concrete subfloors.

A fast setting floor smoothing underlayment which has a rapid development of strength. Stopgap Green Bag mixed with latex is designed for application in situations subject to heavy-duty interior usage. The underlayment can be finished to a feathered-edge. Stopgap 128 Latex mixes can be filled with Stopgap Graded Aggregate.

Coverage: 4.9 - 5.1 sq m @ 3mm

Code: Green bag latex + 128 Liquids

Size: 1 bag - 25kg + 5 L of Liquid

£30.65 per Item

(£25.54 Ex VAT)

Per Item: 1 bag - 25kg + 5 L of Liquid