Transition Strip Heavy-duty - ELAR1250

Heavy-duty - ELAR1250

ELAR1250 is a ramp profile from the Trans-Edge range of heavy-duty flooring profiles.

Trans-Edge profiles are designed for use in the most demanding environments where frequent heavy foot and trolley traffic can be expected.

ELAR1250 is manufactured using high quality alumiunium to withstand repeated heavy traffic impacts. It provides a safe transition between wood or ceramic tile (of 10mm thickness) and resilient floorcoverings or terrazzo/stone.(Note: if using with carpet, the compressed carpet thickness should match the profile gauge).

ELAR1250 incorporates a slip-resistant pvc insert for interior dry conditions, available in 17 colours.

The insert is fitted on-site once the aluminium base has been fitted, therefore offering a concealed fixing.

Type: Ramp
Environment: Interior
Material: Aluminium/pvc
Width: 84mm
Gauge: 12mm
Used with: Wood, ceramic tiles
Length: 2.50m
Insert options
Interior: ELINS50

Code: ELAR1250

Size: 2.5 Metre Lenghts

Price from £105.00 Inc VAT / £87.50 EX VAT

Heavy-duty - ELAR1250







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