Gradus TT35/AFT- Clip-Top

TT35/AFT is a PVC-u, twin top transition profile from the Clip-Top range. Clip-Top reduces the risk of accidents for pedestrian and trolley traffic by providing a safe link between floorcoverings.

TT35 top combined with AFT base provides a transition between hard flooring and carpet or carpet tile of 7.5mm height.

When used with carpet, the compressed thickness of the carpet should always be a tight fit to the internal gauge of the combined top/base profile.

Ideal for use in department stores, some retail high street shops and hospitals.

Note: TT35/AFT replaces TT37/AFT.

Type: Twin Top
Environment: Interior
Top: PVC-u
Base: Aluminium
Top width: 35mm
Gauge: 7.5mm - 9mm
Total height: 13mm
Used with: Hard flooring, carpet, carpet tile & traditional carpet with underlay
Length: 2.50m

Code: TT35/AFT

Size: 2.5 Metre Lenghts

Price from £35.10 Inc VAT / £32.50 EX VAT

Gradus TT35/AFT- Clip-Top