Transition Strip Gradus PTR1 / MPTB16 - Clip profile

Gradus PTR1 / MPTB16 - Clip profile

MTS PTR1/MPTB16 is a two-piece Black, ramp top profile suitable for joining floorcoverings of different heights. The profile protects the edge of wood & wood laminate flooring, ceramic tile and carpet (between 13mm and 16mm thickness) and provides a safe transition to adjacent lower surfaces.

The top is self-levelling providing a tight fit to the surrounding floorcoverings when tapped into the base.

PTR1/MPTB16 is ideal for interior use in medium traffic applications e.g. offices and restaurants.

When installed with ceramics, wood or wood laminate flooring a suitable gap must be left between the profile base and the flooring to allow for natural expansion. When used with carpet, the compressed thickness of the carpet should always be a tight fit to the internal gauge of the combined top/base profile.

Type: Ramp Top
Environment: Interior
Top: PVC-u/pvc
Base: PVC-u
Top width: 60mm
Gauge: 13mm-16mm
Used with: Wood, wood laminate, ceramics, terrazzo & traditional carpet with underlay
Length: 2.70m
Top code: PTR1
Base code: MPTB16

Code: PTR1/MPTB16

Size: 2.7 Metre Lenghts

Price from £64.00 Inc VAT / £53.33 EX VAT

Gradus PTR1 / MPTB16 - Clip profile







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