Altro Ensemble Altro Ensemble - Chilli Red


Altro Ensemble - Chilli Red Specs


15dB noise reduction

Ideal in enviroments where first impressions matter

Suitable with underfloor heating

Altro Ensemble - Chilli Red

Altro Ensemble (M 500.1 V) is a modular flooring system that gives you complete design freedom to create stunning floors for interior spaces. From colour blocking to geometric patterns, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Altro Ensemble has 15dB sound reduction with added comfort underfoot, making it perfect for front of house areas in hotels including foyers and reception areas, restaurant and café dining areas, retail, offices and student accommodation – any environment where design is key.

Code: MA065

Size: Wood Plank size: 125mm x 1000mm - Box contains 5sqm

Price: £40.79 per Sq M..
(£33.99 EX vat)
Price per box: £203.94
(£169.95 EX VAT)
Number of Boxes:
  Total : M2
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