Adhesives & Acessories 6mm Feather Edge Ramp Strip - T600R

6mm Feather Edge Ramp Strip - T600R

T-6mm R is a flexible black pvc ramp edge profile which provides a neat and simple solution to joining floorcoverings of different heights. It is typically used to join carpet to wooden floors terazzo or stone floors.

Suitable for use with carpet or carpet tile (compressed thickness). The compressed thickness of the carpet should be a flush finish to the gauge of the profile.
Type: Ramp Edge
Environment: Interior
Material: Pvc
Width: 33mm
Gauge: 6mm
Used with: Carpet & carpet tile
Length: 2.00m Ribbed

Code: T- 6mm R

Size: 2 meters in length

£13.80 Per Item

(£11.50 Ex VAT)

Per Item: 2 meters in length
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