Transition Strip 3mm Feather Edge Strip - 160mm wide

3mm Feather Edge Strip - 160mm wide

BU800 bevelled underlay is a flexible pvc material used as a diminishing strip and is ideal for building up resilient floorcoverings. BU800 can be used to add up to 3mm on to the overall height of a floorcovering in order to ensure a flush finish with other floorcoverings or floor trims.

Correct use of bevelled underlay avoids trip hazards.

Grooves along the length of the underlay provide a straight cutting edge at points where the thickness gives ideal height adjustment.

Code: Diminishing strip 3mm / 160mm wide

Size: 15m coil (3mm x160mm)

£90.00 Per Item

(£75.00 Ex VAT)

Per Item: 15m coil (3mm x160mm)
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